Seahorse Scissors(C)


Scissors made from an original design. Available in gold and multi-colored metallic finish, the scissors are 3 1/2 inches and very sharp.

In order to win the affections of a beautiful goddess, the God of the Sea was inspired to create something so pure, so fantastical in its beauty that she would immediately be won over. The resulting fabulous creature was the seahorse. The seahorse is the combination of the head of a horse, the tail of a snake, the fins of a fish and the eyes of a chameleon. It is one of the very few fish that swim upright and is the only one with a neck. When they suck in their prey it is disintegrated while passing from the tiny mouth along the tube-like snout. Seahorses are unique in the way they reproduce – it is males that become pregnant. After a period of courtship the female deposits her eggs into a pouch on the belly of the male for fertilization. The eggs develop in this pouch for a few weeks before the father “goes into labour” and has violent contractions. The babies are expelled as miniature versions of the adult. The number of babies varies with the age of the seahorse and the species, but hundreds may be produced at a single birthing.

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