Dolphin Scissors


The Leaping Dolphin Scissors (c) - An original design - 4 inches long - sharp to the tip - metallic and gold finish

Dolphins are the largest family of whales (Cetaceans), distinctive for their bulging head and distinctive beak. The bulge helps focus sound waves, clicking and whistling they use to navigate the sea. They are highly intelligent, have a language, recognize themselves, and never fully sleep, as they must remain semi-conscious to breathe. When angry, Dolphins ram each other, scrape their teeth across other bodies, and whistle to annoy. In teams they hunt whales and porpoises. They are also considered the interconnection between man and the sea, and show understanding, friendliness, rescue, and affection. Dolphins symbolize joy, freedon, release of emotions, and the ability to BE. Found on needlework samplers, they represent Christ and the resurrection.

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