Flying Witch Scissors


Flying Witch Scissors - 3 3/4 inches long - Black and Silver

A witch practices the black arts and possesses supernatural powers due to a pact with the devil. This definition comes from about 1500 and also included heretics, eccentrics, lepers, and Jews. A witch can also be called a hag or crone, words associated with lone women. Women were considered the weaker sex and more easily tempted by the devil. Even though there were male witches, the word is still most associated with the female sex.

Old Beliefs:

Witches can fly - an explanation for quick movement across impossible distances. The broomstick is added, as it was a common tool of women.

Old crones or hags, with no male partner, were often accused of being a witch.

A woman living alone, especially in the woods, was a witch.

Lone women with pets, especially cats, were considered witches with a familiar. The pet was considered helpful in casting spells or becoming an evil spirit.

Wise women, with knowledge of herbs, were considered witches, especially if they brewed their remedies over a caldron. These women frequently had knowledge of mandrake, monkshood, belladonna, and hemlock, items that could be dangerous in ignorant hands.

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