Squirrel Scissors (C)


Squirrel Scissors(C), (original design) 3 1/2 inch, very sharp with leather cover

A squirrel on a sampler is a sign of mischief.

Squirrels belong to the order "Rodentia, the largest group of mammals that also includes the gopher, groundhog, and prairie dog. Squirrels are the cleanest of the rodent family. They have eyes located on each side of the head giving them a wide field of vision. Diet consists of nuts, seeds, and fruit. Squirrels chew on branches to sharpen their teeth, which can grow 6 inches per year. Adults eat about a pound of food per week. Squirrels will break a nut with its teeth, then clean it by licking before burying it. This scents the nut and helps the squirrel find it later, even under a foot of snow. Communication is through a series of chirps and tail gestures. Squirrels are most active in late winter during mating season. Gestation is 33 to 60 days with a litter of four babies born in early spring. Baby squirrels weigh approximately an ounce at birth and are about an inch long. In summer squirrels are most active 2-3 hours after sunrise and resume activity 2 hours before sunset. A squirrel will rarely leave the nest after dark for safety. During winter months, the squirrel will be active in mid-morning but during severe cold will not leave the nest for days, although it does not hibernate. Normally a loner, during severe cold squirrels will share the nest to conserve body heat.

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