Sheep (c)


Sheep Scissors (c) - 4 inches - White or Black - Original Design

Among the first animals to be domesticated by man, cloven-hoofed sheep number over one billion (200 breeds).  They are valued for their meat (mutton and lamb) and fleece.  Sheep comes from the Old English 'sceop', which is both singular and plural.  Sheep are exclusively herbivorous mammals.  Their digestive tract consists of four chambers, required to break down different components of vegetation.  Sheep feed during the day, chewing their cud when resting.  Toxic foods are acorns, tomato, yew, rhubarb, potato and rhododendron.  Sheep are prey animals with a strong cluster instinct for protection, thus the name flock.  This makes them easier to move about grazing areas, using a bucket of feed or a herding dog.

Sheep has many different meanings, such as:  The people of God under the protection of Christ, the Great Shepherd; the Good Shepherd carrying the lamb or sheep on his shoulders to Heaven; Black Sheep - omen of good luck; White Sheep - law abiding

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