Mermaid (c)


Mermaid Scissors - 4 inch - Gold or Metallic

Mermaid (or sea cow) - Legendary creature who is half-woman and half fish.  After many months at sea and lots of rum, sailors reported seeing these creatures sitting on rocks combing their long hair and gazing into a hand-held mirror.  Also called sirens, Mermaids sang to the sailors, luring them into the sea to drown or to sail their ships onto the rocks and shipwreck.  The legend of the Mermaid is thought to begin with the Greeks, who were a great seagoing people.   Mermaids were the result of unions between Gods and sea creatures, such as Zeus and Aphrodite, and were often accompanied by the dolphin.  The Mermaid's long flowing hair symbolized abundant and erotic love.

Men can capture and marry a mermaid by stealing her possession.  Mermaids were good wives, adding luck and a gift of prophecy to the family.  Angering a mermaid would bring vengeance on a family.

Christopher Columbus and Henry Hudson refer to Mermaids in their ship's log.

The statue of the Little Mermaid is a major tourist attraction in Denmark.  Constructed in 1913, she is visited by over a million people every year.

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